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Read July 5, 2023

CSC Publishes New Research Insights Report

Cancer Support Community’s Research & Training Institute is working to elevate the voices of patients, survivors, and caregivers through expansive studies on the psychosocial impact of cancer. Learn about our research approaches, recent initiatives, and what we've learned.
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Read October 28, 2021

Examining the Social and Emotional Impact of COVID-19 on the Cancer Community

Cancer patients and survivors continue to experience mental health stressors like anxiety and depression during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on to learn more about the social and emotional impact of the pandemic on the cancer community and the ways organizations like Cancer Support Community are responding to these needs.
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Read February 12, 2021

For Cancer Patients, Treatment Decisions Involve a Heavy Dose of Consideration

When it comes to treatment decisions, many cancer patients are worried about more than just treating the cancer. CSC’s Research and Training Institute asked patients to share their perspectives on this in two different research studies, and the findings highlighted that when it comes to deciding which cancer treatment to pursue, there’s a lot to consider.

Research Opportunities

Learn how to help CSC with research by participating in a survey or focus group. Along with our partners, the Cancer Support Community uses and communicates our insights gained from patients and caregivers to inform policies, develop educational programs, and provide vital support for all people impacted by cancer.
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Publications & Presentations

The Cancer Support Community is continually working on new research in various topics areas that are important to people impacted by cancer. Below please find access to reports, posters and presentations of our research. Many of these publications and presentations have been presented at prominent cancer focused conferences and meetings, including the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Annual Conference.
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Read August 27, 2020

Exam Room Conversations – Finding Your Voice

My uncle, a former Massachusetts physical education teacher and football coach, had a tough exterior and an authoritative air – personality features that served him...
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Read August 13, 2020

Anxiety in the Cancer Experience

In some ways, anxiety is a crucial part of life. In my mom’s case, listening to the warning signals in her head pushed her to ask for multiple opinions, which eventually led to her cancer diagnosis. Anxiety can inspire us to seek out help and information. However, it is important to recognize when anxiety becomes unproductive or even harmful.
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Read July 30, 2020

Power to the Patient Voice

You hear the words, “You have cancer,” and suddenly, the world around you stops. You can see the doctor’s lips moving to form words that...


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