Open enrollment sign
Read November 1, 2023

6 Things to Know About 2024 Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is the time of year that you can make changes to your health insurance coverage, usually through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Our financial specialists answer key questions to help you prepare for 2024 open enrollment.
Read October 13, 2023

Medicare Open Enrollment: What You Need to Know

Every year between October 15 and December 7, Medicare beneficiaries can make changes to their Medicare coverage. This “open enrollment” period provides an opportunity for individuals over the age of 65 to review their Medicare coverage to determine if a different plan may better meet their needs. Our financial navigation specialists are here to help you explore the options.
Read May 18, 2023

What To Know About Prior Authorization & How It Impacts You

As you make decisions about your cancer treatment, it can be helpful to understand what prior authorization is and how it can impact your care. Sometimes, prior authorization programs can be barriers to getting needed treatments. Keep reading to learn more, including what to do if your health insurance company denies a prior authorization request from your healthcare provider.
A senior woman stands at a pharmacy counter showing a female pharmacist her prescription
Read October 14, 2022

Here’s What Patients Need to Know About Laboratory Benefit Managers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Have you ever arrived at a laboratory or pharmacy with your doctor's order for lab work or a prescription, only to be denied the test or your prescribed medication? Each insurance plan has different benefits and coverage guidelines. Benefit managers determine these guidelines. Keep reading to learn how laboratory and pharmacy benefit managers can impact your insurance benefits and coverage.
a woman counselor meeting with another woman
Read June 30, 2022

How to File a Health Insurance Appeal for a Denied Claim: What Patients Need to Know

If your insurance provider denies a claim for medical services you’ve received, you have the right to file an appeal. The process of filing an appeal can seem daunting. But it is both your right and in your best interest to appeal a denied claim that you and your healthcare team deem important for your health. Keep reading for step-by-step guidance and tools to help you through the process.
Read March 15, 2022

High-Deductible Health Plans: What Patients Need to Know

High-deductible health plans (HDHPs) are an increasingly popular type of health plan, especially for employer-sponsored plans. This blog explains how these health plans work and certain risks they can pose for enrollees — particularly for those with a chronic health condition or serious illness, such as cancer.
Read March 17, 2021

Access to Medications Under Medicare’s 6 "Protected Classes" Policy Remains the Same

On March 16, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced that it would not move forward with proposed policy changes that would allow health plans to reduce their coverage of drugs in Medicare’s 6 “protected classes.” The Cancer Support Community applauds this decision, as this policy change would have had negative consequences for patients, including those impacted by cancer.