Loss and Grief: Personal Stories of Doctors and Other Healthcare Professionals - Confronting Collusions of Silence... We Can Do Better! with Linda Klein, J.D. & Matt Loscalzo, LCSW 

Healthcare professionals experience unrelenting demands superimposed on their personal lives and losses. Although trained to help others, all too often, they neglect their own mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Loss is universal and inevitable, yet, sharing of loss is often hidden and stigmatized, and institutional infrastructure to support colleagues experiencing loss is often inadequate. This presentation will focus on the lost opportunities and the hard, yet healing, realities revealed by the narrators’ experiences with personal loss.  

How to Put on a Wig

Amy Gibson, a cancer hair loss expert and founder of CreatedHair, demonstrates how to put on a wig by following a few simple tips. "People ask me all the time what is the proper way to put on a wig cap," Amy says. "There actually is the right way."

Cancer Caregiving: Resources and Rights at Work

With Dr. Hoda Badr.

Caregiving for a family member or close friend with cancer can be particularly demanding for employed individuals who are juggling work responsibilities while providing care. This talk will describe the financial, work, and mental health impacts of cancer on employed caregivers, their rights in the workplace, and the resources that are currently available to support them.

¿Qué son los medicamentos biosimilares?

Conoce a Ruby, la navegadora de Cancer Support Community, aquí para responder a sus preguntas como parte de nuestra serie "Pregúntele a Ruby." Ruby le ayudará a entender qué son los medicamentos biosimilares, cómo se comparan con los medicamentos biológicos y por qué son una opción de tratamiento segura y eficaz.

Aprender más sobre biosimilares

Caregiving 101: An Introduction to Supporting Someone With Cancer

With Dr. Erin Kent.

This session will cover an introduction to caregiving to someone with cancer. We will discuss what it means to have a friend or family member diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment. We will give an overview of what research tells us about the impact of cancer on caregivers, ways that caregivers can support their care recipient, and getting support as a caregiver.

¿Qué es el mieloma múltiple?

Ruby, su asesor comunitario virtual, le ayudará a entender qué es el mieloma múltiple, así como sus síntomas y opciones de tratamiento. La Comunidad de Apoyo al Cáncer está aquí para apoyarle y ayudarle a responder a sus preguntas.