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The cancer landscape today is a complex and changing environment. Advancements in research are helping people live longer, fuller lives with cancer, and social and emotional care has been recognized as a necessary component of complete cancer care. The 2008 Institute of Medicine Report, "Cancer Care for the Whole Patient: Meeting Psychosocial Health Needs" has linked positive social and emotional support to better patient outcomes through the cancer experience. This landmark report has defined the gaps in social and emotional care and has identified community-based resources as a solution. The Cancer Policy Institute works through legislative and regulatory advocacy to ensure that patients have access to quality, timely, and comprehensive care that includes social and emotional care, and your voice is a vital part of our work.

Our Policy & Advocacy Resources are designed with advocates in mind and are updated regularly to reflect the most recent regulatory and policy news and priorities. We encourage you to visit this site often to learn about the Cancer Policy Institute’s initiatives, training opportunities, learning materials, events and to join us in our efforts to improve the experience of those impacted by cancer.

Read more about the Cancer Policy Institute's legislative and regulatory priorities, updates, letters and statements, and upcoming or past events.

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Check out our Education Center to learn more about the basics of Policy & Advocacy and the legislative process. Our Advocacy Tools are how-to guides for engaging in advocacy whether it is meeting with your elected official or tweeting at them. Our Webinars and Videos cover topics including patient access to care, coverage and payment, and grassroots advocacy.

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Shared Decision Making and Value Based Cancer Care Research

The United States health care system has been evolving at a rapid pace with attempts to control costs while also improving outcomes for patients. Cancer care is at the center of these debates with 15.5 million cancer survivors and per person treatment costs exceeding all other diseases. Policy and decision makers are shifting from a volume-based system to value-based care in an effort to ensure that patients are receiving high-quality care at the lowest possible price. Click here to learn more about our most recent published journal articles to delve deeper into our research into value-based care designs. 

Advocate Spotlight: Yovana Portillo, Phoenix, Arizona

Each month, the Cancer Policy Insitute profiles advocates who have been engaged in advocacy in their home state, their community, with elected officials, and more.  Read on to learn more about our featured advocate for the month of October and her passion to advocate for and destigmatize lung cancer. If you are interested in learning more about policy, advocacy, and ways to get involved, sign up to be a part of the Grassroots Network!

New court ruling has the potential to change the future of the Affordable Care Act

A new court ruling has the potential to change the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare). While nothing is changing immediately, it’s important for all people, including cancer patients, survivors, and their loved ones to understand what this means for them.