Amie Krautwurst

Amie Krautwurst, MSW, LICSW

Senior Manager of Wellness Programs, Whitman-Walker Health

In her role as Whitman-Walker Health’s Senior Manager of Grants and Programs, Amie Krautwurst supports the heath center’s infrastructure through oversight of a wide portfolio of government and private grants along with key program management responsibilities.

Additionally, Amie has served as the Program Director for Cancer Support Community at Whitman-Walker Health since its inception in 2015. She previously worked as WWH’s Senior Manager of Wellness Programs and supervised WWH’s compendium of integrative wellness services and youth prevention programs for more than 6 years. Amie is a licensed independent clinical social worker with over 10 years of experience providing culturally humble health care to members of Washington, D.C.’s diverse communities. She joined WWH in 2012 after earning her Master of Social Work from The Catholic University of America’s National Catholic School of Social Services. Amie is committed to advancing WWH’s mission of empowering all persons to live healthy, love openly, and achieve equality and inclusion.