Cancer Transitions

Moving Beyond Treatment

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The experience of millions of cancer patients has proven that an active and positive approach to survivorship can strengthen their body and mind.

The Cancer Transitions: Moving Beyond Treatment® program addresses many of the physical, social, and practical issues survivors may face as they transition into post-treatment cancer survivorship. This program is designed to improve quality of life by focusing on lifestyle skills and habits related to:

  • Eating and nutrition
  • Emotional well-being
  • Financial wellness
  • Medical care
  • Physical activity 
  • Relationships 
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Who Can Offer This Program?

Many Cancer Support Community and Gilda’s Club locations offer the Cancer Transitions program. It is also available at several hospitals and medical centers.

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How Do Cancer Survivors Benefit From the Program?

The Cancer Transitions program helps post-treatment cancer patients move into the next phase of life with skills and strategies to live fully. Participants meet for 90 minutes every week for four (4) consecutive weeks. Education, group discussion, video modules of expert speakers, and an emphasis on setting and achieving goals ensure that participants have a unique and enriching experience.

One of the most important aspects of this program is the ability to learn from other participants and to feel a sense of community. This is a special opportunity to connect with other people with shared experiences to talk about issues and concerns. At the end of the program, we hope that participants will feel a renewed sense of energy and ability to cope with life after treatment.

Participation in the Cancer Transitions program has led to:

  • 47% reduction in worry
  • 57% increase in physical activity
  • 66% improvement in dietary habits

Cancer Transitions satisfies the Commission on Cancer Standard 4.8.

What Topics Does the Program Address?

Each of the 4 sessions in the Cancer Transitions program focuses on one survivorship skill set:

  • Session 1: Get Back to Wellness: Taking Control of Your Survivorship 
  • Session 2: Emotional Health: Addressing the Barriers to a Positive Life 
  • Session 3: Eating Well and Staying Active
  • Session 4: Managing Your Medical Story Beyond Cancer: What you Need to Know

The program also features:

  • Videos on nutrition, exercise, sexual health, and cognitive changes
  • Training in relaxation and stress management 
  • Group discussion and support
  • Resources for additional information

In addition, CSC and the Colorectal Cancer Alliance have partnered with subject matter experts to produce a video series for the Cancer Transitions program. This series focuses on the following colorectal cancer survivorship topics:

  • Coping with Common Colorectal Survivorship Issues  
  • Personalized Surveillance and Prevention Plans 
  • Healthy Lifestyle Skills and Habits

Watch our colorectal cancer survivorship video series

Find more information on the Colorectal Cancer Alliance and its programs.

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