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Is Cancer in Your Life?

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Monday–Thursday: 11 a.m. –  8 p.m. ET
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So That No One Faces Cancer Alone.

We are here to help you by offering free navigation for cancer patients or their loved ones by phone and online.

The Cancer Support Helpline is staffed by community navigators and resource specialists who have extensive experience in helping people affected by cancer. The Helpline provides guidance, resources, and support to cancer patients or their loved ones with a variety of needs—from getting information about cancer, identifying a local support group, or just finding someone who is willing to listen. We speak your language! We provide help with coping in over 200 languages.

Our services include:

  • Connecting callers to local or national resources, including counseling, support groups, transportation services, and other programs
  • Treatment lodging and transportation resources
  • Financial navigation regarding the costs of cancer and its treatments
  • Specialized information and navigation in pediatric oncology, finances, clinical trials, and genetics/genomics
  • Referrals to specialized navigators in CAR T Cell Therapy, Financial, Pediatric, Clinical Trials, and Genetics and Genomics
  • Treatment decision-making education
  • Access to an online distress screening program, CancerSupportSource®
  • Linking callers to the full scope of resources at the Cancer Support Community

In 2016, I had stage one colon cancer as well as a GIST tumor, stage two, in my stomach. Several weeks ago, I was going to have an endoscopy as well as a colonoscopy. I was quite concerned, very anxiety filled, and to say the least, I could not sleep. Then I called the American Cancer Society's hotline, and they gave me the telephone number of the Cancer Support Community. I would like to thank the two wonderful women (one named Anita) who helped me with my anxiety. After assuring me that it was normal to be worried about the procedure, I practiced breathing exercises, went back to the gym, and drank plenty of water. My colonoscopy and endoscopy went well, and I was told I am cancer free. I thank you, as does my wife.

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"Anita is so knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. She was just the person I needed, and I am thankful for her helping me today."

Helpline Caller


"Thank you. I finally have hope on my horizon."

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Live Web Chat

Do you need someone to talk with about your cancer experience? Are you feeling overwhelmed with questions about how to cope with your cancer? Our Helpline staff are available via live web chat and are ready to assist you, whether you’re looking for cancer resources and information or someone to talk to about the worries that cancer sometimes brings into our lives.

Chat online with one of our Helpline staff:

Monday–Thursday: 11 a.m.–8 p.m. ET
Friday: 11 a.m.–6 p.m. ET

Find the CHAT NOW window at the bottom of your screen.

We Provide Specialized Navigation

The Cancer Support Helpline’s experienced team of professionals includes specialized navigators who are available by appointment. They are trained in assisting people in the following areas:


Clinical Trials

Our Clinical Trials Navigator serves as a resource to patients and families seeking general information about cancer clinical trials, including referrals to resources related to clinical trials. Our Clinical Trials Navigator can also offer tips on discussing clinical trials with a healthcare team and how to find a clinical trial.



Our Genetics/Genomics Navigator provides education and navigation for patients and families concerned about issues related to genetics/genomics and cancer, including referrals to resources.


Pediatric Oncology

Our Pediatric Oncology Navigator assists people with psychosocial issues related to pediatric and young adult cancer, including providing referrals to resources. Services also include education and navigation for families and children over the age of 18 who have been touched by childhood, adolescent, or young adult cancer.



Our Financial Navigator assists people with financial issues related to cancer, including providing referrals to resources that may help with cancer-related treatment expenses. Services also include tips on how to manage treatment-related costs, how to communicate with healthcare providers about the cost of care and payment, and understanding insurance benefits.

Peer Clinical Trials Support Program

A free, over-the-phone service that helps Black or African American (AA) cancer patients learn more about clinical trials.

I was overwhelmed by the generosity and helpfulness of each person I spoke with — you all seem perfectly matched to your roles! Thanks for getting me (us!) started in the right direction.

Helpline Caller

Meet Our Trained Helpline Professionals

Helpline Navigator Lola


Resource Specialist

THANK YOU for the delightful conversation of support. With my appreciation for learning about your organization, support options and your professionalism!

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The Cancer Support Helpline staff are available to provide support, education and navigation to people with cancer and their loved ones. Our trained professionals can be reached toll-free or via the 'Chat Now' window at the bottom of your screen. 

Monday–Thursday: 11 a.m.–8 p.m. ET

Friday: 11 a.m.–6 p.m. ET 

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