Survivorship Series

Have you been touched by cancer? Read inspiring stories from cancer survivors about their own experience navigating treatment, survivorship concerns, and other aspects of their journey. Discover how they found strength, courage, and hope in difficult times.

Alyssa smiles from inside her car
Read September 4, 2021

A Childhood Leukemia Survivor Discusses Survivorship Care and the Power of Positive Thinking

Meet Alyssa, a 2-time pediatric cancer survivor who was diagnosed with leukemia at age 3. She experienced a relapse at age 9, and now in her early 30s, she shares her experiences with late effects of her cancer treatments. Of her cancer journey, she says, “It doesn’t define who I am, but it has made me who I am.” Read on to learn more about Alyssa.
Liz Hiles
Read August 17, 2021

A Cancer Advocate Speaks Out About Bladder Cancer and Survivorship

Liz Hiles spent months trying to get answers from medical providers about her unexplained urinary pain. When she was finally diagnosed with bladder cancer, surgery results revealed she had stage 3B cancer. Read on to learn more about Liz’s survivorship story and her work to dispel stereotypes around bladder cancer.
Evelina, a breast cancer survivor, smiles wide on a city sidewalk
Read July 20, 2021

Strength in Survivorship: Cancer Survivor Evelina Shares Her Story

Our survivorship series continues with a Q&A with Evelina, a breast cancer survivor who has been sharing her experience — both the gifts and the challenges — with others. “One of the toughest challenges I faced throughout my journey was losing my father right in the midst of treatment,” she says. Read on to learn more about Evelina’s story.
Amber smiles from inside her home with bright purple hair.
Read July 2, 2021

Living on Purpose: Cancer Survivor Amber Havekost Shares Her Journey

Amber Havekost wears many hats in life — mother, wife, survivorship coach, avid writer. She is also a breast cancer survivor. In a Q&A with the Cancer Support Community, Amber shares her survivorship story with us. “As deep as my pain goes, so does my gratitude," she notes, "not one replacing the other, but both existing together.” Read on for more words of wisdom and inspiration from Amber.
Marcia Donziger, CSC Chief Culture Office, smiles at her office desk
Read June 26, 2021

Giving Back & Moving Forward: Meet Cancer Survivor Marcia Donziger

In our special blog series on cancer survivorship, we get to know Marcia Donziger, whose journey as a stage 3 ovarian cancer survivor inspired her to create an online community for others impacted by cancer. "Don’t do cancer alone," she says. "Advocating for others — and just being there as a friend who listens — are my ways of coping and moving forward." Keep reading to learn more about Marcia's story.
Cancer survivor, author, and survivorship advocate Judy Pearson smiles with her chin resting on her hand
Read June 1, 2021

Cancer Survivor Judy Pearson Chronicles the Survivorship Movement

As part of our special blog series on cancer survivorship, we are featuring this Q&A with cancer survivor, author, and survivorship advocate Judith L. Pearson. Read on to learn more about Judy’s story, her new book, and a grassroots movement that continues to improve life for countless cancer survivors today.