A Tribute To Our Dear Friend and Colleague, Jimmie Holland


It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of Dr. Jimmie Holland, a true icon whose research and teachings have transformed the cancer experience for countless people throughout the world.  In the early days of the Cancer Support Community, then The Wellness Community, Jimmie worked with and supported CSC's founder, Dr. Harold Benjamin. 

Throughout the years, Jimmie encouraged CSC to develop programs for patients and families that were based upon scientific evidence all the while focusing on the "human side" of cancer.  Her work has been essential to the growth of CSC programs that today touch over a million people each year.  Many of CSC's leaders and clinicians over the years have benefited from her guidance and mentorship in ensuring the highest quality programs and services to create the greatest impact in people's lives. Jimmie's deep determination and passion to ensure that quality cancer care must include caring for the whole person will continue to inspire and drive our mission - so that no one faces cancer alone.  For this we are eternally grateful and honor Dr. Jimmie Holland as a true visionary in the science of caring - a friend and a healer in the field of oncology, now and forever.