Immunotherapy for Ovarian Cancer

Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses the body’s natural defenses (the immune system) to identify, attack, and kill cancer cells. It may be an option if you have certain biomarkers.  

Keep in mind that you may not get any or even most of the possible side effects of a drug. Be sure to tell your health care team about the side effects you do have.

These are the immunotherapy drugs for ovarian cancer that have been approved as of July 2021. New treatments become available all the time, so this may not be a complete list. 


Treatment Type

Monoclonal Antibody: PD-1 Inhibitor

Drug Names
Keytruda® (Pembrolizumab)
Potential Severe Side Effects
Lung problems
Important Things to Know
  • This treatment can be effective if your tumor tests MicroSatellite Instability (MSI)-high.
  • This treatment keeps tumor cells from hiding from your immune system.
  • Infection or swelling around the lungs is a potential side effect.    
  • Pain in the muscles, bones, joints, or stomach is a potential side effect.