Preventing Burn-out and Redefining Self Care in the Oncology Setting | POPS 2023

November 3, 2023 Run Time: 58 min

In this talk, Lorelei Bonet will propose a model of work that she has been developing that she calls “HeartWork”. To do “HeartWork”, one does not view “self-care” as outside of, but rather very much as part of how we craft and perform our jobs on a daily basis. It seeks to position the work of the oncology social worker as reciprocal—with the ability to replenish and restore, not merely or exclusively to drain. Using literature from the fields of Social Work, Nursing, Chaplaincy, and Industrial Psychology, Lorelei Bonet would like to explore how and to what extent the unique challenges of our work informs the nature of our potential compassion fatigue, and to creatively contemplate alternatives to our current model of self-care as an “add on”, rather highlighting it as an essential and central element of our practice.

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