Stomach Cancer

Friends stand side by side with their arms around one another, looking out at a blue sky
Read November 30, 2021

Stomach Cancer: Let’s Talk Risk Factors, Treatment, and Support

Stomach cancer is much less common and much more treatable today thanks to improvements in public health, screening, and treatments. In recognition of Stomach Cancer Awareness Month, we share key things to know about the disease, including treatment options and support to help you navigate a stomach cancer diagnosis.
Cancer Experience Registry: Stomach Cancer: A Program of the Cancer Support Community and Debbie's Dream Foundation
Read February 4, 2016

Working to Understand the Full Impact of Stomach Cancer

The Advisory Board grew silent as one of the caregivers told his story. It was the first meeting of the group the Cancer Support Community brought together to plan the new Stomach Cancer program for the Cancer Experience Registry. He was young, nice looking, straight forward--but the pain and futility of his beautiful wife’s illness and death from stomach cancer was clear as he spoke. The doctors in the group listened and stressed the urgent need for new therapies to improve the prognosis, but we all came away from that meeting with a deeply increased understanding of the importance of connecting to the community of people impacted by stomach cancer (also known as gastric cancer) -- and giving them a voice.