Encore Presentation: Life After Cancer: Cancer Rehabilitation

August 19, 2014
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There is life after cancer. Learn about cancer rehab and how to live a healthy life after treatment is complete. What kind of rehabilitation may be helpful after having cancer? Is it possible to feel like your old self again after treatment? How can you get help for cognitive issues like “chemo brain”?

Joining Kim Thiboldeaux to explore the answers to these questions is Jeanne Simard, a registered nurse with a clinical background in cancer rehabilitation and critical care. She is the corporate vice president of Oncology Rehab Partners, the developer of the STAR (Survivorship Training and Rehab) Program, a model of comprehensive cancer rehabilitation that is being implemented by hospitals, cancer centers and private rehabilitation practices in over 40 states. For more information on the STAR Program, please visit www.OncologyRehabPartners.com.