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Read September 21, 2017

Empowered by Knowledge: Managing the Costs of Cancer Care

When it comes to a cancer diagnosis, one big stressor is figuring out how you will afford the doctor’s visits, the diagnostic testing, and the treatments. Even with health insurance, treatment for cancer can be expensive. It is important to gather information about the expenses associated with your treatment and to be able to know your options.
Read September 13, 2017

Empowered by Knowledge: Treatment Decisions

For our 35th anniversary year, as part of our Fall Cancer Awareness campaign, the Cancer Support Community would like to highlight the treatment decision making process and some possible treatment options so that you or your loved ones are “empowered by knowledge!”
Read August 30, 2017

Coping With Long Hospital Stays

Hospitals can bring about anxiety, fear, or curiosity, so staying in a hospital for long-periods of time is difficult for most people. If you do have to be in a hospital for an extended period of time like my mother did when she was diagnosed with colon cancer three years ago, here are a few tips on how to handle those long hospital stays:
Read August 9, 2017

Five Reasons to Join the Cancer Experience Registry

The Cancer Support Community's Research and Training Institute provides a unique and explorative opportunity for people to share their personal experiences with cancer through The Cancer Experience Registry. The Registry collects stories and creates a collection of patient voices to exchange information and resources. It helps connect people touched by cancer, and it uses information from participants to learn more about what quality of life means to patients. By being a part of the Registry, all cancer patients—at any point of their cancer journey—and caregivers can contribute to the cancer community.