Portrait of Paula Malone

Paula J. Malone, PhD

Network Partner Chair

Paula J. Malone, PhD, is Founder and President of Wings Foundation, Inc. She is a retired developmental/clinical psychologist, who first worked in hospital and clinic settings developing and running programs for families and children, neonates to adolescents. In private clinical practice, Dr. Malone developed a multi-disciplinary practice, Comprehensive Psychological Services, LLC, to serve the mental health of children, families and adults throughout Delaware and portions of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. She became involved with The Wellness Community Delaware (now Cancer Support Community Delaware), volunteering and ultimately becoming a Board Member. In 2004, Dr. Malone joined the National Board of The Wellness Community (now Cancer Support Community). In 2010, Dr. Malone and the Wings Foundation made a leadership gift to Cancer Support Community’s Research and Training Institute (RTI). Dr. Malone’s interest in supporting CSC, its affiliates and the RTI, stems not only from her previous professional involvement with cancer patients, but from personal issues as well: she has survived longer, cancer-free, than any other female for generations on both sides of her family and has been a caregiver to two who passed away. She has three children and six grandchildren. Dr. Malone is a licensed pilot and a certified scuba diver.