Guest Blogger: Kelsey Fenton

Today’s guest blog post is from Kelsey Fenton, Associate Manager of Programs at Cancer and Careers. Click here to learn more about their upcoming event, the National Conference on Work & Cancer.

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Be the Boss Over Cancer: education, support, information
Read April 8, 2015

Be the Boss Over Cancer

Hello! I’m Kelsey Fenton, Associate Manager of Programs at Cancer and Careers, a national non-profit organization that empowers and educates people with cancer to thrive in their workplace, and a long-time partner of CSC. Upon receiving a cancer diagnosis, you might be overwhelmed not only with treatment decisions, finding support and financial stress (in which CSC provides a number of great resources) but also employment challenges. Whether you are deciding if you should take time off for treatment, are looking for work after treatment or trying to figure out how to manage working through treatment, there is a lot of information that you need to gather – from various sources. At Cancer and Careers, we provide a variety of programs and information in person, print and online to help you gather such information and navigate the practical and legal challenges of balancing work and cancer.