portrait of anna stewart

Anna Stewart

Founder, Gaucha Chica

Anna Stewart is the founder of Gaucha Chica, LLC, a uniquely specialized product import initiative whose purpose is to source highly skilled artisans in Argentina to create and craft modern fashion and home accessories that reflect the native cultural traditions of the vast Argentine landscape and to bring them into homes in the U.S.A., while also providing a positive social and economic impact for the native artisans and their communities.

Anna provides over 18 years of collective fundraising, strategic partnerships, cause marketing and Board management expertise from health focused and non-profit organizations. Prior to her entrepreneurial ventures, Anna served as the Senior Director for Development at the Cancer Support Community (CSC) where she led the direction, planning, execution and evaluation of fundraising strategies for the organization. Before joining the CSC, Anna led the development efforts for the nation's largest public health foundation dedicated to tobacco prevention and cessation, the American Legacy Foundation (currently the Truth Initiative).