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Network Partnerships

Network Partnerships

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Becoming a Cancer Support Community/Gilda’s Club Partner

We welcome individuals and groups eager to bring psychosocial support services to people impacted by cancer in their communities.  Our network partners provide important cancer programs and services that support patients, caregivers, survivors, and their loved ones in their community. Cancer Support Community is for anyone with any type of cancer.

The work of the Cancer Support Community is guided by shared mission, values, and the belief that Community Is Stronger Than Cancer. Our network is the largest provider of psychosocial oncology care in North America and delivers high-quality, evidence-based psychosocial support to anyone impacted by cancer.

In the early 2000s, vital reports emerged from National Academies Press (formerly the Institute of Medicine) that informed the 2009 CSC Program Model and the development of CancerSupportSource® in 2012. 

These reports transformed cancer care and brought the psychological and social support needs of cancer patients to the forefront of cancer care. The content of the reports remains relevant today.

Our Story

Over 40 years ago, our founders transformed the way our culture faces cancer. Today we are a global community of 190 locations providing personalized cancer support, all free of charge.

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The Program

A comprehensive CSC program addresses the psychosocial health of people of any age along the cancer continuum (as outlined in Cancer Care for the Whole Patient: Meeting Psychosocial Health Needs). This continuum includes: 

  • Diagnosis 
  • Treatment 
  • Post-treatment 
  • Long-term survivorship 
  • End-of-life
  • Cancer bereavement

The CSC Program was created to address the significant psychosocial stressors for people with cancer: unwanted aloneness (isolation–real or perceived), loss of control, and loss of hope. 

CSC believes the universal challenges of cancer should be met with effective and relevant programs. 

A seated group of adults hold hands

CSC remains steadfast in our belief that all programs should be offered at no charge to people with cancer and their family, friends, and caregivers. There are several reasons for this commitment: Access, Inclusion, and Equity. Furthermore, financial toxicity is a growing concern for many cancer patients, survivors, and families. CSC does not want to contribute to this issue. All licensed Cancer Support Community and Gilda’s Club locations are independent, 501c3 organizations and have a dedicated service area. 

Our team has guided many groups through the process of opening, staffing, and licensing partners.

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