Since 1982, the Cancer Support Community Los Angeles, formerly The Wellness Community, has positively impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people in Los Angeles and millions around the world affected by cancer, all without the burden of cost for services.  Cancer Support Community Los Angeles (CSCLA) began as a small, grassroots organization, inspiring 50+ locations and an additional 125 hospital partnerships and satellites. Founder, Dr. Harold H. Benjamin, revolutionized the global cancer care community with his Patient Empowerment Model, encouraging patients and families to partner with their physicians, take control of their healthcare, and to participate fully in their quest for a better quality of life. CSCLA's free-of-charge programs include support groups and counseling; healthy lifestyle classes; social activities; educational workshops; and, child, teen and family programs—for all ages, all diagnoses, at all stages, and for the whole family. Because of the Cancer Support Community's global efforts, these services are now considered to be an integral part of quality cancer care. Today, CSCLA represents the patient's voice in research and policy and is committed to cancer care equity, directly serving the Spanish-speaking communities in Downtown and West Los Angeles, the under-resourced communities of Arlington Heights and its environs, and all those impacted by the financial toxicity of cancer in greater Los Angeles.

CSC Los Angeles