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Take Action: The Comprehensive Cancer Survivorship Act

Take 2 minutes and complete this form to ask your members of Congress to support the Comprehensive Cancer Survivorship Act. 

The Cancer Support Community supports H.R. 4363 / S. 2213, the Comprehensive Cancer Survivorship Act, to support cancer survivors long beyond their initial diagnosis. We have long heard from cancer survivors about the emotional and physical challenges they face and the lack of understanding from those who think cancer ends with one’s last treatment. This landmark legislation includes provisions to:

  • Address the transition from cancer care treatment to primary care
  • Develop survivorship navigation services
  • Establish employment assistance grants for survivors, caregivers, and their families
  • Provide survivorship education and awareness to survivors and healthcare providers
  • Ensure coverage for fertility preservation services
  • And more

According to the American Cancer Society, in 2022, there are 18.1 million Americans who are cancer survivors, and this number is expected to increase to an estimated 26 million by 2040. These statistics indicate the urgent need for legislation to support cancer survivors.