Q&A with World Champion Boxer, Daniel Jacobs

June 3, 2016

Today's blog post is a Q&A with Daniel Jacobs, a cancer survivor and the WBA Middleweight World Champion.


Q: Daniel, when you were diagnosed with osteosarcoma, doctors said you would never walk, let alone box, ever again. What was going through your mind when you heard this news?

When I first received the news, the only thing that was going through my mind was Family... will I be able to live for them and will I be able to take care of them as well.  I couldn’t imagine not having a normal relationship with my son (since I was suffering from paralysis) and not walking playing and experiencing life without them.


Q: You’ve been cancer free since 2013 and are now the WBA Middleweight Champion. Has your outlook on life and your career changed since your cancer experience?

My outlook on life has changed tremendously. I’m far more appreciative of life and I live for the day. I don’t live for the future, it takes away from the moments we have at that present time.  I love more, respect and honor things in life like I’ve never could before. Ultimately I feel I can conquer whatever I put my mind to, and with hard work and dedication anything is possible.


Q: Tell us more about the Get In The Ring Foundation. What led you to create this charity, and what are you working to accomplish?

Get In The Ring or GIR as I like to call it is so dear to my heart! As I was recovering from cancer I knew that my life was spared for a reason and that I was left to help others and to inform people about this illness.  I wanted to help children because my cancer, osteosarcoma is a child-like cancer and could have been prevented so that is my goal- to help parents prevent this from happening to their child by providing informative research and to also give the children the correct tools on how to be healthy physically and emotionally.  We have  three components-cancer, obesity, and bullying and believe it or not they all connect in my life and through many children' lives.  Therefore through GIR we hope to enhance the childhood lifestyle and let them know they can be healthy and be a friend to someone to grow up and be successful "champions" in whatever they choose in life.


Q: June 5th is National Cancer Survivors Day. Tell us more about what you and the Get In The Ring Foundation have planned to commemorate this special day.

This day will be special! It is the first time I will publicly celebrate being a cancer survivor and I am looking forward to celebrating others.  We will have games and other fun activities for the children, along with healthy food and giveaways by awesome  sponsors.  I plan to even do a couple of high-speed workout boxing classes, really excited about that...it will be fun and that is what life is about, enjoying it with others.


Q: What words of advice do you have for families that are currently impacted by cancer?

My advice for any family currently impacted by cancer would be to Unite and come together to create love, peace  and hope at such a hard time for everyone especially the patient.  Most importantly seek “ the Creator” (God) he heals all and once you put all your faith in Him he will lead you through.


Q: How can people learn more about the Get In The Ring Foundation?

People can learn more about Get In The Ring Foundation by going on our website Getinthering.Net or any of our social media outlets Facebook/GetInTheRingFoundation Instagram: girknockout Twitter: GIR_KNOCKOUT.  Thank you