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Frankly Speaking About Cancer Advisory Board

Frankly Speaking About Cancer program advisors are instrumental in the development and delivery of educational programs. Advisors include patients, caregivers, health care providers and advocacy groups. Our advisors help guide and inform content development, provide review to ensure accuracy and relevance, and distribute CSC programs through their networks.

Research and Training Institute Advisory Board

The Research and Training Institute advisory board members of the Cancer Experience Registry play a vital role in elevating the patient voice through research. Advisory board members are those actively engaged in the cancer community, including oncologists, psychosocial researchers, advocacy members, industry partners, and patients and caregivers. Their contributions help identify important areas of research focus, outreach to patients and caregivers, and dissemination of findings back to the community.

Cancer Policy Institute Advisory Board

Cancer Policy Institute (CPI) advisory board members move forward the mandate to ensure comprehensive, quality cancer care including medical, social and emotional care. Advisors include members of industry, academic institutions, cancer centers and advocacy organizations.