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Partnership Programs
To Fit Your Needs

Partnership Programs To Fit Your Needs

We partner with communities, healthcare facilities, companies, and employers to ensure that anyone impacted by cancer receives the support they want and need throughout their experience.

Our diverse partnerships make it possible to connect more people across the United States, Canada, and beyond with needed cancer support programs and services. Every new partnership brings an increased capacity to reach even more communities. 

Whether you are a healthcare provider, an employer, a group of community leaders, or a corporation, we are confident we can help you provide our evidence-based programs and services in your community. We also offer corporate partnership opportunities for companies with missions, projects, or initiatives that align with our work.


Network Partners

Our 190 current community-based network partner locations include clubhouses, hospitals and other healthcare clinics, rural and university locations. As independent 501(c)3 organizations, each location pays a license fee as part of the Cancer Support Community network. In return, all partners receive numerous resources including programs, communications, education and training, support in the form of resources and grants, quality assurance, and development resources including branding, research, advocacy, and more.

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Healthcare Partners

Bring our evidence-based programs to your facilities to provide psychosocial support for anyone impacted by cancer. Our programs fulfill accreditation and quality standards and cover service gaps in psychosocial oncology and research. Full partnerships bolster staffing bandwidth, moderate burnout, and help streamline clinical workflows.



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Receive cancer support, education, and navigation resources to help reduce healthcare premiums, increase employee retention and satisfaction, and support their employees from pre-cancer through survivorship. A customized program is built for each employer based on their needs.


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Corporate Sponsors

We have launched a variety of exciting projects and initiatives with the support and collaboration of our corporate partners, both from within and outside the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector. We believe that, working together, organizations across industries can make a positive impact in the lives of others when visions and goals align. Corporate partnership opportunities vary from sponsoring CSC events to working with us to create unique opportunities to connect with communities and expand our reach.

Value-Based Partnerships

Our partnerships help us connect communities to important cancer programs and services, including distress screening, survivorship and healthy lifestyle education, and resources that meet the health-related social needs of patients, survivors, and caregivers, with a focus on:

  • Support
  • Proactive navigation 
  • Actionable data  
  • Decreased healthcare utilization and cost
  • Health Equity

We work closely with our partners to help them provide a full program of support and resources for anyone impacted by cancer in their community.  

CSC was wonderful to work with as we customized their digital distress screening tool so we could add some COVID-19 specific questions. Customization was quick and seamless. Having access to the raw data and being able to provide support to patients and caregivers in real time has been so helpful for patient experience and satisfaction metrics.

Allison Applebaum, Ph.D., Assistant Attending Psychologist and Director Caregivers Clinic Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
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Cancer Transitions: Moving Beyond Treatment 

Our pre-packaged cancer survivorship educational program ― available in print and digital format ― that addresses many of the physical, social, and practical issues survivors may face as they transition into post-treatment cancer survivorship. This program, which fully meets CoC Standard 4.8 requirements, is designed to improve quality of life by focusing on lifestyle skills and prosocial support. 

This program is available for patients in English and Spanish, for caregivers, and — soon to come — for young adult survivors.


Digital Mental Health Assessment and Referrals - Patients and Caregivers

MyCareReport is our assessment, resource, and referral solution for scalable use in health centers with immediate triage and resource allocation based on local and national resources. The core objective is to support providers in busy or under-resourced community practices to quickly and efficiently identify patients who have clinically indicated levels of distress or specific unmet health-related social needs and connect them with support and financial services, tailored resources, educational materials, and referrals. Historically the platform has been used primarily in hospitals, health centers, and nonprofits in North America.


Digital Mental Health Assessment and Referrals - Pediatric

Checking IN is an electronic mental health screening tool, for clinical use in pediatric chronic illness. The tool can be integrated into any electronic medical record (EMR). Through the NIH's Tech Transfer program, the NCI and NIMH gave the Cancer Support Community (CSC) permission to commercialize Checking IN to increase its use in clinical settings and thereby improve medically ill children's psychosocial health. 


When Cancer Comes to Work 

Our comprehensive, interactive, and responsive program that enables employees and their immediate families (defined as spouses, children, and parents) to tap into our extensive, professionally facilitated support, education, and resources. 

Discover How Our Programs Enhance Cancer Care

We have first-hand access to the innovation and leaders in the field of psychosocial oncology and I believe this is a win-win for organizational goals and patient-centered oncology care.

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Network Partner

Over 40 years ago, the Cancer Support Community’s founders transformed the way our culture faces cancer. Today we are a global community of 190 locations, including CSC and Gilda’s Club locations, that provide personalized cancer support, all free of charge. Our team has guided many groups through the process of opening, staffing, and licensing partners.

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Healthcare Partner

Breast cancer patients treated at Orlando Health Care Institute who completed our CancerSupportSource distress screener had 50% fewer emergency department (ED) visits and were more likely to access services in integrative medicine, patient and family counseling, and financial counseling. The significant decrease in ED use and the increase in optimized healthcare utilization are consistent with a shift from higher-cost services to lower-cost nonemergent and preventive care.

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Corporate Support Policy

To help ensure our support programs and services are available to those impacted by cancer, all at no charge, we often partner with corporations, foundations & community groups on the design, development & implementation of special events, programs, research studies & educational initiatives. Our corporate support policy guides & clearly defines our organizational relationships.

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