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You Can Help CSC with our Research

Cancer Support Community is committed to research that helps make the lives of people with cancer better.

Every year CSC hosts surveys, focus groups, and patient summits to better understand the cancer experience. Along with our partners, the Cancer Support Community uses and communicates our insights gained from patients and caregivers to inform policies, develop educational programs, and provide vital support for all people impacted by cancer.

These improvements are possible thanks to the help of cancer patients and caregivers like you. Your feedback in a survey, during a focus group, or on a resource we are developing helps ensure patients' and caregivers' needs are being supported.

CSC Surveys/Focus Groups

Understand the Impact of Cancer and Cancer Treatment on Physical Activity

Study type: Online Survey

Length: 25-minutes

Compensated: Yes

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Cancer Experience Registry

Study type: Online Survey

Length: About 35 minutes

Compensated: No (follow-up surveys will be compensated)

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Become a Peer Specialist for our Peer Clinical Trials Support Program

Peer Specialists use their own lived experience as a Black/AA cancer patient and clinical trial participant to support other individuals.

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Explore Other Research Opportunities

Employment and Career Development Resource Needs of People with Cancer

Study type: Online questionnaire
Length: 15-25 minutes
Compensated: Yes

Employment and Career Development Resource Needs of Cancer Caregivers

Study type: Online questionnaire

Length: 10-20 minutes

Compensated: Yes, with a drawing for Amazon gift cards

Young Adult Cancer Survivors Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle (YACS HEAL)

Study type: Intervention (A mobile health research study that provides young adult cancer survivors with tools and strategies to increase healthy eating and physical activity habits)

Length: 12 weeks

Compensated: Yes

Reducing Sleep Disturbance in Cancer (REST-C)

Study type: Intervention (a study to compare the effectiveness of 2 wellness-based mobile apps on blood cancer patient outcomes)

Length: 20 weeks

Compensated: Yes

Tools to be Fit

Study type: Intervention (A study to help cancer survivors improve their nutrition and physical activity) 

Length: 1 year

Compensated: Yes

LGBTQ Cancer Support and Well Being Study

Study type: Online survey

Length: 14 consecutive days

Compensated: Yes

Sleep Treatment Education Program (STEP-1)

Study type: Intervention

Length: 60-90 minutes

Compensated: Yes

Self-Perception and Intimacy After the Cancer Experience (SPICE)

Study type: Questionnaire

Length: 60-70 minutes

Compensated: Yes

Couples’ Quality of Life Study

Study Type: Intervention trial for couples

Length: 10 weeks with follow-up survey

Compensated: Yes

Cancer and Aging Reflections for Elders (CARE)

Study type: Research study involving individual phone sessions with a licensed mental health professional to people age 70+ living with cancer

Length: Approximately 9-12 months total (5 phone sessions, 4 booster phone calls, & 4 questionnaires)

Compensated: Yes

Sleep Treatment Education Program Young Adult Cancer Survivors (STEP-YA)

Study type: Intervention

Length: Single session

Compensated: Yes 

Fear of Recurrence, Adversity, and Pain

Study Type: Survey

Study Length: 30 Minutes

Compensated: No

eREACH: eHealth Delivery Alternative for Cancer Genetic Testing

Study Type: Virtual and online education and disclosure of genetic test results.

Length: Two remote visits (30-40 min) and surveys

Compensated: Yes 

Opening the Conversation

Study Type: Intervention trial for couples

Length: Approximately 8 weeks total

Compensated: Yes

Find more research participation opportunities is a database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world.

Improving cancer care for transgender and gender nonconforming patients

Study Type: Online survey and optional interview

Length: 1 hour

Compensated: Yes

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Are you interested in collaborating with CSC?

If you are interested in collaborating with CSC on a new research opportunity or other partnership, we want to hear from you. 

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