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CancerEd Online is the Cancer Support Community's newest interactive educational program for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. CancerEd Online contains short courses covering what you need to know about topics like self-advocacy, new ways of managing cancer care and precision medicine. Most courses last 5-10 minutes.

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We hope you enjoy the courses listed below. More courses are coming soon.

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New Ways of Managing Cancer Care: What they Mean for You

Cancer care is changing, and there are five new models for cancer care: cancer treatment guidelines, clinical pathways, bundled payments, accountable care organizations and oncology medical homes. Learn more about how these new models can improve your life by taking this short course.

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Cancer Treatment Guidelines

Guidelines are recommendations for “best practices” in cancer care. Your doctor may be using a Cancer Treatment Guideline to decide what your treatment options should be. Learn more about Treatment Guidelines, how they are developed and how they influence your care by taking this short course.

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Clinical Pathways

Clinical pathways—also known as care pathways, critical pathways and care maps—are tools used to mange cancer care. They aim to provide good care at a lower cost. Knowing whether your doctors are using clinical pathways can help you as you make treatment decisions.

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Bundled Payments

Bundled payments are a new way that physicians are being paid to deliver cancer care. Take this short course to learn more about this new payment method and how it can improve your patient experience, while reducing costs and unnecessary tests.

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Oncology Medical Homes & Accountable Care Organizations

Oncology Medical Homes and Accountable Care Organizations are new models for medical care that ensure that the patient gets the care that they need. Take this short course to learn more about these models and their potential for providing patient centered care.

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