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Shelby thought he was doing everything right to maintain his health. He had regular physicals and lived an active and healthy lifestyle. Thus, it came as a complete shock and disbelief when he learned of his stage four colorectal cancer diagnosis.

“I thought I was doing everything that I was supposed to do for my health,” Shelby recalled. “I realized at some point that the shock and disbelief had turned to anger and it was becoming who I was.”

Shelby struggled to determine what to do next and to maintain a rational mind. He reflected that most days he felt like he was sleepwalking and had lost control of his life.

Shelby’s journey with cancer has spanned over five years. He said he’s realized that it is the support from family and friends that gets him through.

His treatment plan included chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

“Every day was a battle to eat, drink and stay awake,” Shelby reflected on his time during treatment. Shelby said that one of his most miserable times was from a side effect he had from treatment. It affected his skin to the point where he could not tolerate wrinkles in his clothes, bed sheets or seams. “It felt like I was laying or sitting on huge pieces of wire that was making indentations in my skin.”

Shelby’s journey with cancer spanned over five years. He said he realized that it was the support from family and friends that got him through.

“I began to pray a lot, and I slowly began to realize that the support by my loving wife and my two sons was there,” Shelby said. “Friends and family from afar were providing solid support through MyLifeLine. I began to understand how desperately I needed that support.”

Shelby’s caregiver, Erma, found MyLifeLine and made most of the updates on his MyLifeLine site.

“My wife would let me know when she did updates and when we got replies and messages,” Shelby said. “I began to look forward to the messages and words of encouragement and support.”

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In Loving Memory of Shelby Watson, who passed away on April 30th, 2015.

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