Portrait of board member Robert Defrantz

Robert DeFrantz, PharmD

Senior Director, Immunology, Global Market Access, & Pricing, Abbvie

A well-known business leader in global and U.S. pharmaceutical pricing, reimbursement, and market access, Dr. Robert DeFrantz is recognized for his expertise in global health systems, including all U.S. payer segments, major European payer systems, and Japan.

Dr. DeFrantz formulates successful business strategies, proactively conducts competitive assessments, identifies capabilities for organizational improvement, and demonstrates cross-functional leadership, all of which lead to groundbreaking wins for patients and companies.

Following a 20-year career at Eli Lilly and Company, where he served as Senior Director, Oncology, Global Pricing, Reimbursement, & Market Access, in 2017, Dr. DeFrantz joined AbbVie as Senior Director, Immunology, Global Market Access, & Pricing.

Dr. DeFrantz earned his PharmD from Xavier University College of Pharmacy and his undergraduate degree from Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis.