Jeff Galvin

Jeffrey A. Galvin

CEO, American Gene Technologies™

Jeffrey A. Galvin is the CEO and Co-founder of American Gene Technologies™ (AGT). Mr. Galvin earned his BA degree in Economics from Harvard in 1981. Mr. Galvin has more than 30 years of business and entrepreneurial experience including founder or executive positions at a variety of Silicon Valley startups. Several of his companies were taken public and/or sold to public companies, including one in the medical-technology arena that was sold to Varian, the leading maker of linear accelerators used in cancer therapy. Following his startup experience, he retired to become an Angel Investor in real estate and high tech. Mr. Galvin came out of retirement to found and fund AGT after meeting Roscoe Brady at NIH.

AGT is developing and commercializing genetic medicines targeting major diseases, including HIV/AIDS, Phenylketonuria (PKU) and Hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer, or HCC). Its drug candidates have achieved initial proof of concept in preclinical studies and have potential to deliver cost-effective therapies that are better targeted and more potent with fewer side effects. AGT’s drugs will treat symptomatic disease, but are intended to provide durable cures that extend the length and improve the quality of patients’ lives.

AGT anticipates becoming a clinical stage company in 2018 with a Phase I human trial for its HIV functional cure. AGT has three lead candidate drugs in its pipeline – all based on its proven drugdelivery platform — a proprietary vector with broad applicability in immuno-oncology and thousands of additional diseases.