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You can help advance support programs and services for cancer patients as well as aid in program maintence by utilizing planned gift options that offer you a variety of benefits.

Make a gift through your estate that costs nothing during your lifetime by designating the Cancer Support Community (CSC) as a beneficiary in your will.

When you plan a legacy gift, you will be invited to join the Legacy Society of the Cancer Support Community, our honored group of friends who include CSC in a will or trust, or with a retirement plan or insurance policy.

A Gift In Your Will

Your attorney or tax adviser can provide guidance on the best planned giving options for you.


Charitable Remainder Trust - This popular type of trust can be customized in many ways to provide income to you or others for life or for a specified term. When the trust ends, the remaining assets are gifted to charitable beneficiaries. A charitable remainder trust offers many benefits:

Charitable Lead Trust - Donors who are not seeking additional current income but are concerned about preserving the value of an estate when passing assets to heirs might find benefits in a charitable lead trust. In this reverse of the remainder trust, a lead trust pays income to charities for the term of the trust. The remainder goes to individuals that you named. This can be a tax-wise way to transfer appreciating assets to heirs by freezing the value at the date the trust is created. The lead trust offers these benefits:


Retirement Plans - Most retirement plans - such as an IRA, 401(k) or 403(b) - are tax deferred until funds are withdrawn. If passed on to loved ones, the tax burden can be significant. Consider leaving other assets to heirs and use tax-deferred accounts for charitable causes.

Life Insurance - Life insurance can be used for charitable giving in several ways:

  • Designate CSC as a beneficiary of an existing life policy or insurance annuity. Although there is no immediate tax benefit, it is easy, involves no fees, and can be changed any time.
  • Donate a paid-up whole-life policy. Name CSC as policy owner and beneficiary to receive a tax deduction equal to the cash surrender value or cost basis, whichever is less.