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Have you been recently diagnosed with lung cancer?

Watch the webinar, Frankly Speaking About Lung Cancer: What You Should Know that took place on December 2, 2016. This program covers what you need to know about the types of lung cancer, communicating with your health care team, treatment options, and side effects. The webinar also addresses challenges living with lung cancer. An oncologist and licensed counselor will offer insight to your lung cancer diagnosis and next steps. These presentations will be followed by a question and answer period with the speakers.

The webinar features the following panelists:

  • Seth Cohen, MD, Medical Director, Clinical Research Cancer Services, Barnabus Health Southern Region
  • Debra Sullivan, PhD, Program Director at CSC East Tennessee

This program is made possible by a charitable grant from Lilly.


Lung Cancer What You Should Know Webinar

Lung Cancer What You Should Know Webinar


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