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On June 27, 2017, one year after President Obama and Vice President Biden launched the Cancer Moonshot, hundreds of partners convened to assess their accomplishments and understand what barriers they must continue to address. Take a moment to review the Cancer Moonshot: One Year Later Report to read about this meeting which was held by the Cancer Support Community, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, CancerCare, Friends of Cancer Research, LIVESTRONG Foundation, National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, and National Patient Advocate Foundation.

Cancer Moonshot: One Year Later Report

Press Release

About the Cancer Moonshot Initiative

Cancer Moonshot 2017 Posters

The Cancer Moonshot aims to double the speed of progress in cancer with the idea that, “If we ask people to work together to do something they aren’t doing yet and give them extra money and an army of people like you to support them to be bold and ambitious, people will answer the call,” said Greg Simon, President of the Biden Cancer Initiative. A positive yet disruptive force, the Cancer Moonshot asked leaders in 2016 to form new collaborations and “to look up from their powerpoints, phones, and their traditional ways of working to answer the question: how do we do a better job of touching patients now, and in a big way?”

Not all organizations who pledged to advance the Cancer Moonshot presented at the Cancer Moonshot Summit, held on June 27, 2017 in Washington, DC. The table below lists posters presented at the Summit, but to see the full progress report from the 25 organizations please see the Cancer Moonshot: One Year Later Report.

Photos provided by Aaron Clamage Photography