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Every month in our Cancer Experience Registry newsletter we cover a topic of special interest to people impacted by cancer — and we always ask for your input through our Questions of the Month. 

Any patient or caregiver who signs up for our newsletter can join the conversation. The Cancer Support Community shares what we learn from you in the Registry to help improve the emotional and psychological support for people impacted by cancer. To learn more or enroll, go to

August/September 2017 Questions

Do you find it easy to share your story?
Have you found that how you tell your story changes over time?
What, if anything, is hard for you about telling your story?
How has hearing stories from other patients, survivors, or caregivers helped you?

Answers to August/September 2017 Questions

May 2017 Questions

What questions would you like to ask your oncologist about physical activity or
weight management? 
What do you think would help you to be more physically active?
What do you think would help you to have a healthier diet?
How has cancer changed your relationship to or feelings about food or exercise?

Answers to May 2017 Questions

January/February 2017 Questions

What kinds of things do you hope for?
How is what you hope for now different from what you hoped for at the time you were diagnosed?
What helps you to maintain hope or makes you feel hopeful?
What things cause you to lose hope or lessen your hope?

Answers to the January/February 2017 Questions

September 2016 Questions

What was your primary motivation to join the Registry?
What are the main benefits that you have experienced from being a participant in the Cancer Experience Registry? 
What are the main obstacles--or reasons why people do not join the Registry? 
How can we improve the registration and questionnaire process?
Answers to the the September 2016 Questions

July - August 2016 Question

We asked Registry members to share something they have written about their cancer experience. It could be anything — a journal entry, poem, letter, part of a story, an account of a moment that made a difference—whatever is important to them.

June 2016 Question

What is the one change that could be made in clinical trials to make them more attractive to patients?

May 2016 Questions 

What similarities, or differences, do you see in facing cancer and aging? 

How has cancer helped you identify your inner strengths, and in what ways?

Is being older an advantage in facing cancer? Why or why not? 

Have you experienced the grace of receiving as well as giving care? 

April 2016 Questions 

How have your hopes for the future changed during the course of your treament?

Have you thought about what a good death would mean? How would you define it?

What do you hope for most right now?

March 2016 Questions 

Have you ever seen a physical therapist or rehabilitation specialist for a cancer related problems?

Did your doctor or treatment team ever talk to you about cancer rehabilitation at any time during your treatment?

How did cancer rehabilitation contribute to your recovery or your ability to live your life?

What are the most important issues for cancer patients and caregivers to tell their legislators and policy makers about?

February 2016 Questions 

What is or was the most challenging issue for you as a caregiver?

Do you or did you feel included as a member of your loved one's health care team?

What role do you or did you play in gathering information and making treatmet decisions?

In what areas, family, social, work, does or did your role as a caregiver cause you the most distress?

What, if anything, do you or did you do to take care of yourself?

Knowing what you know now, what is the most important thing you would tell a cancer caregiver?

What is or was the most important role that your primary caregiver played in your care?

What advice would you have for another cancer survivor with regard to his or her caregivers?

January 2016 Questions 

What cancer related issue is mot important to you right now?

What is the issue that you find hardest to understand or get good information about?

What issues make you angriest?

What provides the most positive support for you right now?

What issue do you find the most difficult to communicate with your doctor/treatment team about?

What do you do "creatively" to help with your life and cancer related issues?

What matters to you?

What features would you like to see?