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Cancer Emergency Fund

The Cancer Support Community launched the Cancer Emergency Fund to provide support and financial assistance to those facing cancer who may be struggling with financial hardships.


Within the list below you will find answers to commonly asked questions about the program. Call our Cancer Emergency Fund toll-free number — 
1-888-409-4166— to learn more and to apply for the program. ​

Q: What is the Cancer Emergency Fund?

A: This fund will provide assistance in the form of a $250 relief grant for people with cancer who are in active treatment, including palliative and hospice care.This assistance is for non-medical expenses during the coronavirus pandemic. Please be aware that our funds are limited, and we are working to assist as many patients as possible. The financial assistance will be limited to food, transportation, housing, utilities, childcare, or other non-medical expenses.

Q: What is the income criteria?

A: Eligible applicants must meet specific annual household income guidelines. Annual income cannot exceed the levels below:

Q: How does the verification process work?

A: The application includes a form to verify the treatment needs, which must be by signed by an oncologist, nurse, or medical social worker.

Q: How do I start my application?

A: We have dedicated Cancer Emergency Fund line of our CancerSupportHelpline® (1-888-409-4166). This toll-free line is staffed by licensed professionals who field thousands of calls from patients seeking assistance. When you call this number, you will be connected with someone who can help you start your application.

Please note that a completed application does not guarantee receiving the assistance requested. You MUST include all appropriate financial documentation and verification of treatment by your oncology doctor, nurse, or medical social worker.

Q: I have family members or coworkers who might benefit, what is the best thing for them to do?

A: Please feel free to share this webpage with your friends or family.

Q: You mention the Gilda’s Clubs or Cancer Support Community affiliates. Will they have information about this fund?

A: Yes, the affiliates are a great resource. They have these materials and can help identify patients in need and refer them to the toll-free number.

If you have any questions or want to apply, please call 1-888-409-4166