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Today’s blog post is by Jeannine Walston, a long-term brain tumor survivor and patient advocate. Jeannine Walston has extensive experience in cancer education and advocacy, health care policy, and both conventional and integrative cancer care. Her career includes work in the U.S. Congress, government agencies, cancer non-profit organizations, doctors, providers, other businesses, cancer patients and caregivers. Jeannine is a Cancer Coach, Writer, Consultant, and Speaker while sharing information and inspiration to support optimal health and healing with or without cancer. Learn more at www.jeanninewalston.com.

My Experience with Integrative Cancer Care

Thursday, October 15, 2015

In 1998 at 24 years old, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Since then, I’ve had three awake brain surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy and clinical trials.

Through my healing journey, as I searched to acquire support, I found I was only scratching the surface in my new cancer world. As I explored to find new resources—in time—clarity emerged. I could not just focus on the disease and instead had to include the whole person.

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