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Friday, November 2, 2018

For a special “Flashback Friday”, today we want to remind you of a useful resource that was launched at the beginning of the year in collaboration with our friends at Janssen Pharmaceuticals, along with two other leading patient advocacy organizations: the American Cancer Society and CancerCare.

The resource is a new digital platform, It’s an online destination for people impacted by cancer, featuring content that is tailored to each visitor based on cancer type and where they are in their journey.

The site is simple to navigate and offers easy access to information based on each individual’s needs. When they are logged on, users have the option of creating their own unique profile, which allows them to adjust content preferences based on cancer type, topics of interest, and where they are in their individual journey. The tumor types currently featured on include breast cancer, lung cancer, multiple myeloma, prostate cancer, and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Additionally, the site provides a wide range of relevant insights across tumor types. provides support for those facing cancer when they are likely to need it most: at diagnosis, while making treatment decisions, and during treatment, remission, and survivorship. also offers an exclusive digital health coaching tool, My Care ActivatorTM, developed by Johnson & Johnson behavior scientists. My Care Activator is an exclusive coaching tool that helps people with cancer manage their unique challenges. The tool is customizable to visitors’ specific needs and prioritizes behaviors that can be changed to help them build or strengthen important skills, such as coping with symptoms, working with a care team, asking for support, and getting appropriate exercise and better sleep.

Another convenient tool exclusively offered on the site is the Advocacy Connector which helps people find additional support by offering a comprehensive listing of resources based on visitors’ cancer type, location, and specific needs.

Feel free to visit to access these free resources.