New Research on Melanoma Survivors Released at ASCO 2018

June 4, 2018

Last Friday, you may have seen a post on our blog explaining that we will be sharing three Q-and-A blogs sharing the significance of our latest research abstracts at the American Society of Oncology’s annual conference that will greatly impact people affected by cancer.

Today’s blog covers our latest research on communication between melanoma patients and their health care team.  

Below see our second Q-and-A with our President, Linda House, on the topic.

Q: Why is it important for melanoma patients to have good communication with their health care team?

A: Melanoma patients are most concerned first about quality of life, then length of life, and last the cost of care. Typically as the health care community is making treatment options, there is still this misperception that patients want to live as long as possible at all costs. And if you read this information released, you will find the delicate balance of how do people live well with their cancer not at all costs.

Q: Why do you feel that melanoma survivors are not satisfied about cost of care discussions?

A: We know from both this study and other studies that we have done at the Research and Training Institute that the vast majority of patients don’t have conversations at all with their health care team about the cost of care. The focus continues to be on the length of life, and quality of life, and it’s only when the bills start to come in the back end that conversations about cost start to happen.

Q: What is one thing you want patients affected by melanoma to take away from this study?

A: That it is really important to make sure that the patient communicates with the health care team about what is most important to them and their goals at therapy.