Engage with the Cancer Community at a November Affiliate Event Near You

November 8, 2017

For our 35th anniversary year, as part of our Fall Cancer Awareness campaign, the Cancer Support Community would like to highlight how you can support someone with cancer so that you or your loved ones can feel “sustained by community.”

The Cancer Support Community is a network of 170 locations worldwide, including 47 licensed affiliates and healthcare partnerships. It is these locations that ensure that no one, no matter where they live, goes through cancer alone.

These affiliates work hard to create a community of people in their area who can come together for resources, information, and support in their cancer journeys. From support groups to free yoga classes, these organizations offer opportunities for cancer patients and their loved ones to find the help they need.

Look for an affiliate near you to see what types of programs and activities are happening in your area. Here are some of the events going on through CSC affiliates nationwide throughout November:


We hope you can utilize an affiliate near you, but if you can’t attend, make sure to call our Cancer Support Helpline where trained associates can provide you with any information you need during a cancer journey.