Help Cancer Patients Have A Fun and Spooky Halloween

October 16, 2017

Halloween was my favorite holiday growing up. I spent the day running around and making sure every piece of my costume was perfect before I put it on. Every year I chose something fun or quirky—a cowgirl riding an inflatable bull, a dinosaur, a Disney princess. Then, inevitably, my sister would decide she hated her costume and make me switch. This meant I went trick-or-treating as a witch. Every. Single. Year.

But my unintended costume monotony never ruined my day. Not much can ruin Halloween—it’s too much fun. That’s why organizations across the country are striving to make sure children battling cancer don’t miss the opportunity to have a spooky, magical Halloween this year.

As we head into October, dig out the old costumes that don’t fit your kids anymore, add an extra bag of candy to your Amazon cart and donate them to kids in need.

Here are three organizations that help kids with cancer have the best Halloween yet!

  1. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

The Children’s Committee of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center organizes a Halloween Party for their Pediatrics center every year, and they’re looking for costume and candy donations!

Patients have the chance to dress up in their choice of hundreds of donated costumes, trick-or-treat throughout the hospital and socialize in the decorated play and exam rooms. They even hire a magician! The hospital is located in New York, but anyone can donate using their Amazon Wish List. Just imagine how cute a patient would look in the “Just-Hatched Pengualas” costume. Seriously.

  1. BASE Camp

BASE Camp is a Children’s Cancer Foundation in Florida that aims to Believe, Achieve, Support and Educate child cancer patients and their families. It offers year-round support to families before, during and after treatment. They celebrate milestones like last day of chemo, provide support groups for children and parents, invite siblings to all activities and events and offer overnight camps and hospital meals.

Their donation wish list includes lightly used Halloween costumes and accessories, so consider sending your outfits their way when November 1 rolls around.

  1. Saint Jude Research Hospital

Saint Jude Research Hospital helps kids escape the realities of chemo, radiation and surgeries with super scary Halloween party! It’s a chance for them to make the most of their childhood by dressing up to go trick-or-treating throughout the hospital.

They do this while providing care to their patients fighting cancer and other diseases, so find a participating store to sign a $1 Halloween-themed pinup throughout the month of October!

Plus, check out a CSC Affiliate near you to see how they’re celebrating Halloween and how you can get involved!