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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Fall Cancer Awareness

In 2009, a merger of Gilda’s Club Worldwide and the Wellness Community became the national non-profit, the Cancer Support Community (CSC). This united front has increased the cancer support footprint in the United States and internationally – with the presence of affiliate locations. The merger cultivated a central hub of resource-accessibility as well as emotional and psychosocial support for anyone touched by cancer. It is because of this that CSC has become one of the largest providers for cancer support worldwide.

It is now 2017, and we would like to remember our roots as we celebrate our emerald year, CSC’s 35th Anniversary. Throughout its history, CSC has developed a number of educational, resourceful, and unique programs that foster a dedication to its mission.

From the Cancer Support Helpline to the Cancer Experience Registry; the Frankly Speaking About Cancer educational materials and radio shows, to our Cancer Policy Institute and Research and Training Institute – CSC’s developments have laid the groundwork for its services “so that no one faces cancer alone.”

During this fall, we want to take the time to honor the many Cancer Awareness dates and months that take place throughout this time of year. So, we are highlighting the Cancer Awareness months by revisiting the three pillars of our mission: empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community. We hope that by reflecting on our mission statement, we can continue to educate and to support the millions impacted by cancer and their loved ones.

Please stay tuned over the course of the next three months as we share resources that root back to our mission, and we discuss finding support when you’ve entered a cancer journey.

Our blog will be one place to see our campaign, but we’ll also be using our Facebook and Twitter and Instagram: @CancerSupportHQ.

Stay tuned!

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