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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cancer Support Community employees at Breakaway from Cancer

Last week, I traveled to Breakaway from Cancer, a collaboration between Amgen and four non-profit organizations, including Prevent Cancer, the Cancer Support Community, Patient Advocate Foundation, and National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship. Breakaway provides resources about cancer to attendees of a week-long Lifestyle Festival throughout cities in California—following the Amgen Tour of California.

This was my second year having the amazing opportunity to experience Breakaway. I traveled from Sacramento to Santa Clarita, and along the way, I met people who had been touched by cancer. Some were proud survivors of many years; some had been newly diagnosed. Others were caregivers; some were grieving the loss of a loved one or trying to figure out how to be an anchor to a newly diagnosed friend. Every story showed courage and strength and reinforced that we are all connected and all need to be supportive to one another.

I was pleased to meet a ten year old who told me, “It’s a whole batch of sour grapes when you get cancer!” He then told me about his entire marketing plan of using images of grapes everywhere to help spread this particular message. For someone so young, he already showed an understanding of the extremity of a cancer diagnosis, but his enthusiasm to show support through a cheerful demeanor and entrepreneurial spirit made me feel good because he’ll be the best future advocate for people affected by cancer.

Breakaway is a great place to be able to spread the word about resources that anyone during any stage of their cancer journey can use, including our Frankly Speaking About Cancer series, which is our landmark educational program. This is a great way to learn more to help you make informed decisions during your cancer journey.

You can also join the Cancer Experience Registry, a free, confidential online community where people facing cancer can share their experiences and learn from one another. We encourage all patients and caregivers to join this site to help us ensure that no one faces cancer alone. Together we can improve cancer care!

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