Blogging, a Journal of Experience

July 9, 2014

After I was initially diagnosed with infiltrating (invasive) breast cancer, I began searching out information. I mean, I had to think about it. I had to find out more, right? The doctor’s appointments were scheduled quickly, but it was still going to be days and weeks before I really knew about my treatment options. I would go to the breast surgeon, who would send me to the oncologist, who would run tests all before even talking to me about my treatment options. There was all that time…to think, to question, to search.

Like most people wanting to find out more, before I even know what to ask, I began searching the Internet. The factual sites were helpful in explaining what the doctor’s large Latin words meant, but the best options to cope with cancer and the impeding side effects should be left to the experts. And while experts about treatment were my doctors, the experts about living with cancer were the individuals in the cancer fight.

The more I read other cancer blogs the more I began finding ideas to help prevent side effects and for potential inspiration. The blogs are full of heartache, strength and advice. Each person was willing to share what worked and did not work for them. My cancer experience was in full motion and I found that it was similar, yet different, from others. Everyone’s battle with cancer is unique. Everyone’s experience is their own. Who knows? I might help someone.

I was full of experiences, cancer had no problem providing them, but determining my blog name or concept was honestly one of the most challenging things. I am a child born in the 70s, so Star Wars is awesome! Hence the inspiration for my blog…I mean I was essentially a Jedi going to fight the evil cancer. I was determined to share my saga, Jedi training tips, Jedi battles. I believe that if I only inspire or help one person going through cancer, then it was worth it!

As a young girl I had written in a diary, I had those thoughts and feelings penned down under lock and key. Now I was sharing one of my most challenging life experiences with the world. The blog was like I unlocked the dairy and flipped open the pages for anyone to read. Instead of writing about a crush on some boy, I was sharing how I managed crazy side effects while still being a mom to two young children.

Over the past year I have gone through chemotherapy, surgeries, radiation and hormone therapy. It has been a whirlwind. If I sat down and tried to recall all of the things that happened, I do not think I could. There are times I will look back on blog posts and think did that really happen, did I really do that, and oh yeah, I forgot about that. The blog has become a personal journal, a memory holder of the past year.

While the original goal of the blog was to share my experiences with others, I gained so much more. I wanted a way to help someone else, to provide tips and a way to keep on finding humor in the craziness of cancer. I now have the option to look back at myself and see all of the things I have endured and survived and realized how much I have grown and learned during my cancer fight. The blog became more than a way to hopefully help others; it helped me.