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Thursday, March 21, 2013

A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating and a journey that is unclear to those moving through it. Yet patients who have faced cancer are more than willing to share information about their experience perhaps with the hope that their learning can make it easier for people who are newly diagnosed. Today, the Research and Training Institute of the Cancer Support Community launched a first-of-its-kind Cancer Experience Registry which aims to understand the many facets of the cancer experience through the eyes of those who have experienced it first-hand.

Anyone touched by cancer can join the registry to share their experience, compare their responses to others who have joined and explore resources available to them. While all personal information is kept confidential, the collective information will be shared with the medical and patient advocacy community so that new programs and services can be developed to help shape the future of cancer care. Click here (link to to join!

This is truly a meaningful way to share your voice and create positive change. We are proud to bring this to you, thankful to our sponsors for helping us do so and fortunate to have people like you who care about our vision as much as we do!

Category: Cancer Research