Videos: Your Immune System & Cancer Treatment

Overview of Immunotherapy

Intro to Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Your
Immune System and Cancer Treatment
  Dr. Schuchter: Role Of The Immune System

Dr. Schuchter: What Is Immunotherapy?   Dr. Schuchter: Why Now?
Dr. Schuchter: How Does Immunotherapy
  Dr. Langer: Cancer Is Very Crafty
Dr. Langer: Personalized Therapy
  Suzanne, Nurse Practitioner: Immunotherapy
Is Different from Chemotherapy
Matthew: My Experience With

  Steve: My Experience With Immunotherapy

Suzanne, Nurse Practitioner: What Is A
Delayed Response?
  Dr. Schuchter: How Long Does 
Immunotherapy Take to Work?


Side Effects of Immunotherapy

Suzanne, Nurse Practitioner: Side Effects
From Immunotherapy
  Dr. Langer: Communicating About Side Effects



How to Access Immunotherapy

Dr. Schuchter: Clinical Trials

  Dr. Schuchter: Who Benefits from 
Suzanne, Nurse Practitioner: Candidates
For Immunotherapy



Tips from Others

Nicole, Social Worker: Cancer Can Feel Like
A Whirlwind
  Matthew: After You Hear You Have
Stage IV Cancer
Matthew: Finding Information on Melanoma

  Nicole, Social Worker: Help with Making A
Treatment Decision
Matthew: Finding Clinical Trials   Nicole, Social Worker: What Can I Do While I'm
Waiting To See If My Treatment Is Working?
Steve: How I Got My Support   Dr. Schuchter: Working With Your Health
Care Team


The Future of Immunotherapy

Dr. Schuchter: An Exciting Future   Dr. Schuchter: Changing How Cancer
Is Treated
Suzanne, Nurse Practitioner: An Exciting
 Updated August 12, 2014