Your treatment options will depend on the stage of bone cancer, your overall health and your preferences about treatment. You typically have time to make your decision about your treatment. Ask questions if you do not understand any aspect of treatment or the terms your doctors are using. Treatment options for bone cancer include:

Chemotherapy - the use of anticancer drugs to kill cancer cells. Patients who have bone cancer usually receive a combination of anticancer drugs. However, chemotherapy is not currently used to treat chondrosarcoma.

Cryosurgery - the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze and kill cancer cells. This technique can sometimes be used instead of conventional surgery to destroy the tumor.

Radiation Therapy - this involves the use of high-energy x-rays to kill cancer cells. This treatment may be used in combination with surgery. It is often used to treat chondrosarcoma, which cannot be treated with chemotherapy, as well as ESFTs.

Surgery - this is the primary treatment of bone cancer and involves removal of the entire tumor with negative margins (no cancer cells are found at the edge or border of the tissue removed during surgery). Dramatic improvements in surgical techniques and preoperative tumor treatment have made it possible for most patients with bone cancer in an arm or leg to avoid radical surgical procedures (removal of the entire limb).

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