Exercise Recommendations for Cancer Patients

In the past, the general advice for cancer patients was to get as much rest as possible and reduce physical activity.  In certain cases such as when movement causes pain, it may be good to rest up. However, over the years, there has been strong evidence through research that links physical activity with improved quality of life for those in active treatment. 

The American College of Sports Medicine convened a panel of experts to review literature on the safety and benefit of exercise for cancer patients.  As a result, exercise guidelines for cancer patients were developed, recommending 30 minutes a day, five days a week, with specific adaptations based on one’s cancer treatment and side effects. The American Cancer Society also created guidelines for cancer patients which support the recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Today, doctors encourage their patients to stay as active as possible as there seems to be many benefits to exercising for cancer patients. Be sure to talk to your doctor to learn how to best tailor your exercise regimen for you. For information about customizing exercise, click here.  Tips for exercising are here for your reference as well. 

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