Reaching out for Support

Support for Cancer is Available

Cancer can be stressful but know that you are not alone and there are many people and resources to help you cope with your diagnosis and treatment. You have your health care team, your family, and friends to provide support for you. There are also many free support groups and educational programs to help you find your way through this experience. 

With available education, resources, and support, you can be assured that you will be able to deal with the many issues and emotions that cancer brings. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or reach out to others.  You will be able to lessen your worries and stress so that you can focus more on being healthy and improving your wellbeing through your cancer treatment. No one needs to face cancer alone and they shouldn’t.  

Consider Reaching Out for Support

  • Family and Friends: They can be supportive in many ways ranging from helping with house chores to keeping you company to providing another listening ear at doctors visits.  These people want to help you and are there for you.  When they ask how they can help, be honest. 
  • Health Care Team: They know your unique cancer experience and have expertise ranging from side effect management to various topics in oncology to available community resources. Don’t hesitate to talk to them so they can help you or direct you to the services that you need.
  • Cancer Support Groups: Support groups bring together people who have cancer or have been impacted by cancer so that they can help each other through the experience. Oftentimes, it helps to share your feelings and learn from those who know or have been through something similar.  This a great place for support and to learn about ways to cope with cancer. The Cancer Support Community has an online support community called the Living Room where you are able to join licensed support groups, discussion boards, as well as have the ability to create your webpage. More information and to join the Living Room .
  • Spiritual help: Many people affected by cancer often times turn to their spiritual side to help them through their cancer.  Spiritual help can include a church, synagogue, meditation, or simply a quiet place. Reading, talking with others, and reaching out to those in a spiritual setting can help lend you peace and strength.
  • Resources around you: Many organizations, hospitals, and people have developed various programs and resources to help people like you that have been affected by cancer. Take advantage of these resources to help you get educated about cancer, cope with your emotions, and alleviate any problems that may arise.  For instance, a cancer diagnosis may carry with it a variety of legal issues, including insurance coverage, employment and taking time off work, access to health care and government benefits, and estate planning. The Cancer Legal Resource Center provides free information and resources to assist with this. Click here for further resources that can help you along your experience.

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