Coping with Your Emotions

Getting a cancer diagnosis can be hard to handle.  You may experience a rollercoaster of emotions throughout your treatment including fear, worry, sadness, anxiety, anger, and many more.   However, there are many ways that can help you cope healthily with your emotions and cancer experience.  

How to Cope with Cancer

Be an advocate for yourself. It’s important to learn about your disease, the process of diagnosis, and available treatments. Seek reliable, updated information and talk to others to help you make informed decisions and take actions that you know are best for you.  This will help empower you and relieve some of the negative emotions that accompany cancer.

Recognize your feelings. It may be helpful to work through your feelings about cancer as they can affect how you view yourself, your experiences, decisions, and your overall life. Knowing what emotions you feel can enable you to evaluate why you are feeling that way and how to better cope with it.

Share your feelings. Studies have shown that sharing fears and anxieties with others helps to strengthen patients emotionally.  Talk to your friends and family or express your feelings in a journal or artwork. 

Turn to Spirituality. Whether it is quiet prayer, meditation, reflection or turning to the guidance of a religious leader, cancer patients sometimes may find peace and strength through their spirituality and faith.

Get help and support. Don’t underestimate the importance of seeking help if you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, or depressed about your situation.

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