Mitch Golant, PhD

Mitch Golant is a health psychologist and Senior VP Research & Training for Cancer Support Community (CSC). He, along with Dr. Harold Benjamin, CSC’s founder, traveled throughout the world introducing CSC’s Patient Active Concept to international thought-leaders and psychosocial oncologists. He has been with CSC for over 22 years where he supervised and trained CSC’s professional clinical staff. He has facilitated over 4,500 support groups for people with cancer and trained over 350 professionals in CSC's Patient Active Support Group model. Dr. Golant is widely recognized as a pioneer in the use of information technology in cancer education and support through the delivery of online support groups. He was central to the launch of the award-winning Virtual Wellness Community in both English and Spanish and Group Loop: Teens. Talk. Cancer. Online. He has presented nationally and internationally on CSC’s Patient Active programs and evidence-based research. He is the contributing editor to the Essentials of Psychosocial Oncology Handbook 2006). In the fall 2005 he, along with two colleagues from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Calvary Hospital/Hospice, were selected to train forty psychologists and psychiatrists from Poland’s National Psychosocial Oncology Society. He has served for the past 4 years on the Board of Directors for the American Psychosocial Oncology Society. He is also the author of six books including What To Do When Someone You Love is Depressed (Holt).

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