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It’s been noted that many cancer survivors who experience constant, background pain also experience brief but sudden and severe episodes of pain (known as breakthrough pain in cancer or BTPc) that can occur without any apparent reason. To shed light on this important issue, the Cancer Support Community is partnering with Archimedes Pharma and other leading cancer advocacy organizations in the Breaking Through: Voices of Breakthrough Pain in Cancer Patients campaign. As part of this campaign, this first-of-its-kind survey is designed to identify the impact, barriers and experience you and others have had when discussing pain with your healthcare providers.  
What we learn in this brief survey from you and others will help in the development of educational programs and materials that address these barriers and encourage anyone experiencing BTPc to learn more about it and discuss it with their healthcare providers.   

So make your voice heard, whether or not you are currently experiencing breakthrough pain, please visit the Breaking Through pain survey by clicking on the link below: 

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