Humor Heart and Hope

CSC was proud to present this empowering program designed to bring the joy of laughter to those living with cancer and their family and friends. These events provided a laughter-fueled, learning-filled look at how humor can enrich life and how to tap the positive power of humor in inviting more heart, hope, and happiness in life while living with cancer.

This project was made possible by The Solvay Cy Pres Award from: Hagens, Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP, The Rossbacher Firm and Wilentz Goldman & Spitzer, P.A. to The Heartland Media Foundation in partnership with the CSC and  The Humor Project

The speakers addressed such topics as: 

  • The positive power of humor (why you should be “serious” about humor) 
  • Tips to get more smileage out of your life
  • Powerful HUMOResearch showing that laughter is the jest medicine 
  • How to build your HUMOResilience so that you can tickle stress before it tackles you
  • He/she who laughs lasts (heartfelt and hearty laughter for your life). 

Attendees experienced and learned the benefits of humor, had a chance to link with other laugh-lovers, practiced the art of laughing at oneself, and left with LOL (Legacy of Laughter). We have all heard the expression “Misery loves company.” In this program, attendees realized that “Laughter loves company” even more!